Friday, July 08, 2011

More Van Halen Rumours

The rumours about Van Halen's new album and tour continue to pour out, and our friends over at have all the latest. In part:

What we know is that the album is done and mixed...John Shanks finishing production work on it earlier this year (with other producer names likely to appear inside the album credits.) The rumoured album title is VH '11, 2011 (or Two Zero One One to be precise) and all rumours point to a mid/late September release.
A single was again rumoured to hit airwaves this weekend, but failed to happen.
What I have previously stated is that I personally believe the new album will be released in October, after Van Halen return home from Australia and a single could likely appear late this month or in August.

Head on over to read the rest.

Look, I'm a Van Halen fan. Have been since day one. But the last 13 years of rumours and nothing but a couple of, at best, mediocre "oldies" tours - something Eddie Van Halen said he'd never do - have left me a little... cautious.

Is it wrong that I'm more excited about the upcoming release of Apple's Lion OS? At least I'm pretty sure that will actually happen.