Tuesday, February 06, 2007

God I Hate Snow

Just had to say that, after shoveling 6" of the crap off my driveway and sidewalk just now.
I grew up with plenty of it in northern Illinois; but here in southwest Ohio, we don't get much. One good snow per year is about all. Hopefully, this is it.
I was home from work today, so the one bright spot is I didn't have to drive in it - well not much, anyway.

In other news, I had two job interviews today. Another thing I really hate is looking for a job. If I cfind one I like okay, I tend to stay until they kick me out. Which is what happened at my last job. I went on vacation to China, and when I came back, I found out that my office had been closed while I was gone! On 9/11, of all days. So typical for that company.

So, I put out the old resume, and found work; but it's a contract position, and while the job was pretty cool at the beginning (read: they let me do whatever I wanted as long as the job got done). Then in December, I got re-orged, and the job has become progressively less cool (read: they're starting to tell me what to do).
All I really want, if I have to work, is to find a job I don't hate where they won't close my office.

Is that so much

Thursday, February 01, 2007

This has to be a record

First post in a freaking year and a half. I actually am not a "writer". I like e-mail okay, but I've never had a diary, or anything like that. I actually couldn't find this page again initially. I didn't even really want to post to my own blog; I just wanted to log in so I could post a comment on my brother's.
Oh well. It'll probably be another year before I post again - if I can remember where it is.