Wednesday, April 27, 2005

I'm not dead...

Man. Do I suck as a blog writer, or what? This is why I never stuck with being a writer, although it's always been one of those things I keep imagining I'd be good at (despite the grammar in that sentence).

Well, let's see. Since I last wrote, we had a nice Christmas, I got a job at Zix Corp - working on their Pocketscript product, and as a result, I've had exactly zero spare time.
I also forgot what the password was to this blog, and it took me a while to figure that out, and then my computer went down. I'm typing this from a brand new Sony Vaio, which I am really digging.
So, I'll try to post a _little_ more regularly, but I'm not promising anything.

Things have been pretty dead in the studio, too. Nobody too exciting, though I did record a band called 4 Foot Fall that is pretty good. Other than that, mostly my normal rap customers, all squeezed in on the weekends now, since I'm working during the week.

Well, that's it for now.

Wanna take bets on how long till the next entry?